Why Your Cheat Sheet is Late! The culprit is perfection

I had the most amazing time talking at the Colorado Home Show over a week ago. The amazing stories and questions you had afterwards got me so excited to continue the connection outside the convention center.

I like to email a Cheat Sheet to those who are interested after my presentation. It breaks down the main points so that you can remember them long after the talk.

My goal was to have the Cheat Sheet emailed within the week. Friday comes and goes but guess what… the email has not been sent. It wasn’t due to a lack of time or organization. Nope. 

I had come down with a case of the Perfectionisms.

Yes, I could have easily sent out this information the day after the show but I wanted things to be perfect. The wording in the email, the cheat sheet, the whole energy of everything. How great would it be to film a short video saying hi!  I was deep into making this perfect. 

Guess what…. my perfectionism quickly turned into procrastination. Yep! A week later the video was not recorded, the emails not sent, and that little cheat sheet just sat on my desktop.

This happens to me from time to time and it shows up in different ways. It is when I place such a high expectations on myself without even considering that these are my expectations not yours. 

I tend to do this in my own home as well. I really want to have a party at the house but a list of To-Do’s quickly start to write themselves. Before you know it my good intentions of having people over to enjoy time together turns into a perfectionism of myself and my home. This unravels all my plans leaves me exhausted.

Oh man is that tiring!!

What it comes down to is perfectionism is brought on by our own high expectations of ourselves. It is not just wanting to show up, but show up outside of our limits! Sometimes expectations we set can be too high and then we are just so tired to do anything about it.

If you have ever felt this way, please know that you are not the only one! Things in our home, our work, our life do not have to be perfect, but you need to show up because you are perfect just the way you are. (Aww, isn’t that cute!)

Thank you for being patient waiting for your Cheat Sheet 😃

With Love & Design,







My Top Bench Picks from Joss & Main Sale

I got a notice that Joss & Main is having a bench and ottoman sale!! It immediately caught my eye because I have been looking for the perfect bench for my dining table. Here is my criteria as I shop for my bench:

1. Must fit comfortably under my table. I took the measurement between the legs of my dining room table where the bench will go AND how high I want the back to come up. My bench has to fit these measurements

2. The price has to be right. Since I want it to be lighter colored, I don't want to spend a mega amount of money on it. It will be at the table so the likely hood of it getting a stain is high... no matter what precautions I take. So I do not want to spend a lot of money and be disappointed if it gets ruined. 

3. It has to look good! I don't want it to look like a run of the mill bench. I want it to be special. I'm looking at fabric detail, finishing details such as nail heads, or very cool legs... I want it to have a special twist.

As I was searching, of course I was thinking of you! Here are my top 4 benches that I would totally buy if I had the space! 


Shailiene Sheepskin Bench  I see this in as a make-up bench or the end of an elegant bed!

Maired Upholstered Bench would be beautiful in an entry or a dramatic note to your living room! 

Randy Tufted Ottoman, ottoman table in your living room! I am always in search of these for clients because they are wonderful for a family. Soft enough to put your feet up, but large enough for a tray. 

Michelle 4 Drawer Storage Bench  when I get my seaside castle, this will be my entry bench! I would store sandals and Bentley's leash and necessities inside the little cubbies

Happy shopping everyone!!! Connect with me on Instagram or our FB page @interiorsByLacey and let me know if you ended up buying anything! 






Your Item Got Delayed... Again!

You can hardly wait for your order to come in. You wait patiently for the weeks they tell you to hold tight, you call and confirm, you follow the order, you prepare for the item to arrive. You get a notice that your item is delayed or even worse.... DISCONTINUED.

WHAT? You mean I have to wait even longer or find something else? But nothing else will work. That piece was perfect.

How is my design ever going to be complete without that one piece?! 


I recently had this happen to me... like in today. My husband and I have been counting down the weeks to shipment date on our new living room sofa. This was a BIG DEAL for us. Down to the last week, we make sure we are prepared to invite this beautiful sectional into the family. My husband paints the ceiling (don't want paint drops on our new family member), I clean and polish the hardwood floors, lay out the new rug with rug pad. 

Morning of delivery I am giddy! I make it through my morning meditation, walk our Bentley to get him nice and tired, vacuum our rug for the final time before our beautiful sofa is placed perfectly in the designated spot.  Delivery men are going to be here between 9:30am and 11:30am! 

9:23 am 'Ring Ring' .... 'This is Lacey' ..... 'Hi Lacey, your order will not be arriving today. There were problems with the shipping truck. The store will call you to reschedule your order.' Click

What? No way. There must be some mistake, you see I have been waiting for this day for 11 weeks and 3 days! We had a deal! 

Here's the thing

This happens all the time to designers. Delayed shipments, damaged shipments, and discontinued items is a reality that happens to everyone... you just don't realize it until it happens to you. 

1. Feel the emotion. Are you disappointed? Sad? Let down? What ever emotions you feel in the moment feel them. Don't let them ball up inside of you and stay there. If you do, the emotion of disappointment will be a reminder every time you walk into that room. Not good energy. Feel to heal.

2. Realize it is not the end of the world. Yes, you have been looking forward to this for a long time or perhaps this item was the perfect piece to your design. Look at it as divine intervention that it wasn't meant to work out.

3. Call the store and figure out how to resolve your situation but DO NOT take your feelings out on the person you speak with. It is for certain person you are chatting with about your rescheduling has nothing to do with your order being mishandled. Be kind and understanding that these things do happen. If you feel that you are not being treated fairly, ask if there is any reimbursement for your troubles. If this delivery is still within their quoted time frame you first received, there is nothing for you to ask for. Let it be.

4. If you must cancel your item or find something else to take it's place, do so with a fresh mindset. You are not going to find anything comparable to what you had ordered. Look at your design with fresh eyes and gain new visions for what you would like in that space. Try to think even more out of the box. If you came across something else in your previous searches, try going back see if you can find those pieces again.

5. Design on. Keep your design and vision moving. If your whole design was centered around one piece, then you didn't incorporate enough layers in your design. Design is a story of many pieces. Keep building your pieces until you find the perfect piece arrives in your home. 

A Full Sink is a Full Mind

File_000 (9).jpeg

Welcome to my new website! I am excited to share with all of you the journey I have been on. I have been recreating my world by diving deep into my soul to figure out just exactly who I am meant to be on this earth! And guess what... as I was changing so was my home design. Everything I preach, I practice. I do believe the soul is reflective in your home. Time and time again I am reminded of this. 

The other day, our kitchen was a mess. My husband and I don't have any kids except for our labrador. You would think our kitchen would be fairly clean but we ourselves can be kids sometimes too. That same day, I had a lot on my mind of things to do, bills to pay, and dishes to clean. With a mess like that, how do you think my eating habits were? They were terrible! I didn't want to dirty another dish or clean up a pan just to wash it again. Vibes were low. I went around the corner and bought a sandwich.

If only I had stayed up 10 minutes later the night before to clean the dishes and put them away I would have been happier. I wouldn't have gotten annoyed by all the little bits of rice that fell on the floor cause I wouldn't be stepping on them this morning. I wouldn't have been overwhelmed by a bill because I would have seen that it wasn't a bill, just an account report. When my mind is cluttered or unorganized, so is my life. 

My advice? Clean the kitchen before you go to bed. Feng Shui says a full sink is a full mind. It is so true.

Colorado Garden and Home Show

This week I have had the pleasure of representing ASID, American Society of Interior Designers, at the Colorado Garden and Home Show. It is located at the Colorado Convention Center and takes place until Sunday, February 12. 

One reason I am so excited to be participating is that I have the opportunity to share my passion during a few talks at the show. They are centered around why the heck we should all be Feng Shui-ing! I leave everyone with 3 tips on how to Feng Shui.

If you would like to come to come to my talk, they take place:

Thursday February 9 at 4pm

Saturday February 11 at 1pm

For more details visit, Colorado Garden and Home Show. You can also email me with any questions you have. Thank you to everyone I have already connected with, and hope to see more lovely faces in the next week! 

Love, Lacey

Deep Breath Improves Memory

During my consultations, I have the opportunity to do a breathing exercise with my clients. It seems like such an automatic part of life but something most of us could improve on. The benefits of breathing correctly are huge! Better circulation, clearer thoughts, more energy, and possibly better memory according to Time Magazine.

Times magazine recently posted an article on How Taking a Deep Breath May Improve Memory. Today, keep your breath in mind and do some deep belly breathing! 

4th of July Sale at Rugs USA

4th of July brings some great sales on home decor. Rugs USA is my secret place I run to when I need a rug at a low price. They tend to have their biggest sales during the holidays. The quality really differs per rug. I have gotten a great quality one for my living room with no issues. But then I have a wool rug that won't stop shedding after 3 years in my dining area. It's kind of hit or miss. Having said that though, there customer service is pretty good and will take care of any issues you might have.

Here are my top 5 rugs from their sale going on! Hurry, they are selling out fast! 

Tuscan Moroccan VS108 Rug

Tuscan Moroccan VS108 Rug

Berber Moroccan Diamond SM18 Rug 

Berber Moroccan Diamond SM18 Rug 

Chalet CO4 Herringbone Cotton Flat-woven Rug

Chalet CO4 Herringbone Cotton Flat-woven Rug

Tikal Geometric Tribal Hand Made Rug Woolen AH02 Rug

Tikal Geometric Tribal Hand Made Rug Woolen AH02 Rug

Silky Road AS11 Vintage Persian Rug

Silky Road AS11 Vintage Persian Rug

Kids Bedding @ Pottery Barn Kids

I posted on Facebook letting you all know that Pottery Barn Kids was having a White sale. A White sale is a sale of bedding and sheets. It usually comes along in Winter and once in a while again towards the end of Spring. Here are a few that I thought were adorable. 

If you see sheets that you really love, buy them when they are on sale! They can get really expensive. If they are more seasonal (especially kids bedding) keep them for next year! Last time I checked, mermaids and sharks never go out of style! If you want something to last all year, stick with the solid colors. 

Clockwise from Top Right

  • Oxford Embroidered Shard Duvet Cover $21-111
  • Organic Vintage Baseball Duvet Cover $11-$87
  • Organic Multicolored Heart Sheet Set $11-$87
  • Aria Duvet Cover $23-$79

You can take advantage the sale at Pottery Barn Kids website or in stores. Happy shopping! 


My Birthday Wish List

Today is my birthday!! Here is my birthday wish list from William Sonoma Home. This would not only make my day, but make my entire year!

All items can be found at William Sonoma Home

Pillows from top to bottom

  • Robertson 2 piece sofa (Down blend, Performance Canvas) $9,790
  • Faux Shagreen Coffee Table $1,995
  • Kate Houlihan Photography: Early Morning Surfers $850
  • Agate Coasters with Silver Rim $130 (set of 4)
  • Arabesque Haze hand knotted rug 8’x10’ $4,795
  • All Over Embroidered Diamond Pillow Cover $99
  • Ikat Dot Printed Canvas Pillow Cover Blue $59
  • Printed Tonal Ikat in Blue (14” x 22”) $99
  • Chunky Herringbone Linen Pillow Cover in White $59

Fringe Is In!

If you havn't heard the news, fringe is in. What was mostly worn by Cochella goers is now a top trend from the Spring 2016 runways. Like many fashion trends, it is translated into home decor. Fringe can be seen in the traditional Turkish towel. Soft, light, and 'fringee' make these wonderful to wrap up into on a summer day. Colors are soft hues as well as the classic stripe. 

So if you are too afraid to wear fringe out in public, it's safe to wear in private. 


  • Ballard Designs Turkish Bath Towel $29
  • West Elm Geo Hammam Hand Towel $10
  • Kohl's LC Lauren Conrad Fringe Bath Towels $19.99- $25.99 

Acrylic, But Not For Long

Acrylic is really hot right now. Coffee tables, dining chairs, desk chairs, and accessories offer light options opening up tiny bedrooms and living rooms alike. If you havn't already purchased this modern item, just wait a sec. I see this trend leaving our magazines by Summer 2016. If that clear coffee table is exactly what you're looking for though, be on the watch for deep discounts. 

  • Rove Concepts Louis Ghost Armchair $95
  • Crate and Barrel Acrylic Block Picture Frames $18
  • Target Threshold Acrylic Stacked Ball Lamp Base $19.99
  • Ballard Designs Felicity Acrylic Coffee Table $749
  • PB Teen Acrylic Nesting Tables $249

Visualize Tile with this Cool Website

Click me to go right to the site! 

Click me to go right to the site! 

I was very impressed by a tool on the website of Arizona Tile. The online program is called Just Imagine. This tile visualizer allows you to play with different tile looks in both residential and commercial scenes. Here I played with there Cementine Posa porcelain on the floor and white walls. I could spend a lazy, sunny day in this courtyard! 

Cementine Posa Tile/ white walls

Cementine Posa Tile/ white walls

Designing a layout is simple and you don't need an account to access. You can either upload your own photo (which I did not do) or use one of there many stock photos (which I did). 

First screen you will see pop up

First screen you will see pop up

Once you have chosen your scene, you will click on the section you would like to alter, then pick your tiles. Picking your tiles is easy with their filters.

Tile selector screen

Tile selector screen

Your choices are conveniently to the right hand size of your screen. I wouldn't design a whole room around this program but it is certainly a very helpful tool if you need to visualize colors or tile placement. 

Now it's your turn!! Play around the program and let me know what you think! 


Top Picks: Wayfair Wallpaper

I just discovered that Wayfair has wallpaper?! This is wonderful news for the home decorator. I have always found it difficult to purchase wallpaper without having a sales license or to just window shop without having sales pressure to commit. These are my top picks!

All these products and much much more can be found at www.wayfair.com


Tile Trend: Vintage Tile

I visited Arizona Tile today to check out whats new in the market for tile. These little ventures are dangerous. I end up leaving the showroom with prices, samples, and dreams that might as well involve unicorns eating cotton candy. What I mean is that I just want to redo everything in my house because I'm convinced I would be a better person for the aesthetic upgrade. 

Whats the new product that made my heart flutter? 

Cementine Porcelain

Pic of Cementine Porcelain from Arizona Tile Website

Pic of Cementine Porcelain from Arizona Tile Website

Couldn't you imagine this outlining a white tub or as they do, line the rise of the stair. It's fresh coastal vintage that brings some character to mundane areas. 

Pic of Cementine Porcelain from Arizona Tile website

Pic of Cementine Porcelain from Arizona Tile website

Can we please talk about how stunning this water feature is?! The tile surrounding the off whites and grays completely makes the scene. Backyard envy for sure.